Emeriti Faculty

Faculty member who has served the University over a period of years, and who remains upon active status until retirement age, may upon recommendation of the appropriate Dean and the Chancellor, be awarded the title “Emerita” or “Emeritus” by the Board of Trust.


Alma Gault1959
Alma E. Gault, Dean

Helen Howell1965
Helen M. Howell

Amy Brown1974
Amy Frances Brown

Julia Hereford1977
Julia Jean Hereford, Dean

Mary Kemp1981
Mary Evelyn Kemp

Sara Archer1984
Sara K. Archer, Dean

Virginia George1990
Virginia M. George

Helen F. Bigler1991
Helen F. Bigler

Catherine Dennis1991
Catherine Dennis

Lucille H. Aulsebrook1991
Lucille H. Aulsebrook

Mary Donaldson1993
Mary Louise Donaldson

Mary Jane Macey

Joyce Laben

Joyce K. Laben

Judy Chapman2001
Judy Jean Chapman

Barbara Grimes2002
Barbara F. Grimes

Lynda LaMontagne2010
Lynda L. LaMontagne

Barbara Petersen2011
Barbara A. Petersen

Larry Lancaster2012
Laurence E. Lancaster

Judy Sweeney2012
Judith H. Sweeney

Charlotte Covington2013
Charlotte M. Covington

Carolyn Bess2014
Carolyn Bess

Colleen Conway Welch2014
Colleen Conway-Welch

Janie Daddario2014
Janie Daddario

Carol Etherington2015
Carol Etherington