Country Music Marathon Training!

Happy to be blogging and nice to see this new page up!

I’ll be blogging from time to time about our Vanderbilt School of Nursing Alumni team training runs for the Country Music Marathon which will be on Saturday, April 29th!

So this is week 13 and we are gearing up for some long weekend runs in the Sylvan Park area Saturday morning.  Cross your fingers that we are not rained out!

We hope to see more people come out and join us as the weather gets warmer over the next few weeks!  We have a great group of Vanderbilt Alumni and friends of Alumni.  We are hitting the pavement for better health every Saturday morning for the fourth year in a row.

The local rage in exercise seems to be ZUMBA! Many of us in my running group of friends are doing this now and I must say after my 6th class or so I think my humiliation is at bay and I’m totally loving every moment of the program.  Many of the rec centers in town offer this at great rates. I’ve been going to the one on Nolensville/Thompson Lane.  The best description I’ve found for this is that you feel like you are in a huge music video.  Terrific fun and….a great cross trainer for your running body.

I’m thinking it would be great fun to have a Vanderbilt Nursing Alumni cycling team too! Think on this for a bit and if you’re interested, send me a message!

Happy running to you~


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6 Responses to Country Music Marathon Training!

  1. Betsey Usher says:

    We might need a School of Nursing cheering team for the day of the race!

  2. Kathy Rivers says:

    Wow! You are a great example of someone who stays active and love it. Very inspiring.

  3. Carla Beals says:

    Although not planning to run the Country Music Marathon myself, I do try to make it to as many of the Saturday team training runs as I can. Not only does Whitney do a great job of mapping out interesting and varied routes — she usually has us end at a great coffee destination. What an incentive!

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