Our Stories: 1930s


Mrs. Verna K. Rhodes Taylor :: Class of 1932
I am 97 years old, and I currently live in a nursing home in Webster Grove, MO. The one thing I remember about attending Vanderbilt is when we were working in the hospital ... [read story]


Mrs. Ann Hughes Looney :: Class of 1936
My twin sister, Agnes Looney McGothlin, and I lived about three miles from the Vanderbilt campus, so deciding to attend Vanderbilt was an easy decision. When we entered Vanderbilt School of Nursing... [read story]

Mrs. Hattie (Blanche) Swain Yeargen :: Class of 1936
I grew up in Anthony, FL, as one of ten children and eight of us received a college degree. [read story]

Mrs. Mae Elizabeth Beeler Isaac :: Class of 1936
When I was a young girl my mother had a friend named Belle Russell and she was a nurse. I always thought she was so pretty ... [read story]

Mrs. Ouida McIntyre Tucker :: Class of 1936
When I was growing up in a small town in Alabama, I had a friend who came to Vanderbilt to attend medical school. I decided I would attend nursing school there ... [read story]

Elizabeth Reid Lovell :: Class of 1936
My older sister and cousins were nurses and I decided I would become one. My older sister paid for my education... [read story]

Louise Lambert Lefevre Drake :: Class of 1936
I was raised in Leesburg, VA, and I decided I wanted to become a nurse after I graduated high school. A doctor friend suggested I attend Vanderbilt ... [read story]


Virginia N. Mitchell Ahrendt Siems (Ginny Siems) :: Class of 1938
I received a scholarship to support my education at Vanderbilt School of Nursing.  Shirley Titus was the Dean, and I can remember that she was very strict... [read story]

Joy Carrier Didcoct :: Class of 1938
I grew up in Mortons Gap, KY, and my father died when I was 16. I decided then I wanted to become a nurse... [read story]


Nancy Caroline King Cost :: Class of 1939
I entered Vanderbilt School of Nursing in 1936. I was lucky that my parents could afford to send me there.  When I began, Shirley Titus was the dean... [read story]


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