Our Stories: 1940s


LaNelle (Blackston) Baxter :: Nursing Class of 1947 B
It is unique that I learned of the School from a funeral director who had attended Gupton-Jones School of Mortuary Science. I wanted to obtain a college degree as well as become a nurse. He said I could "get it all at Vanderbilt."... [read story]

Ann Moore Crain :: BSN 1947
In front of the Building sits our faithful Ford Coupe ready for action, one larger Ford car was bought just before our six weeks use. It was the first to be availiable when the Ford company opened up after the War. [read story]

Nancy Gilien :: Class of 1947
The Vanderbilt nursing program emphasized preventive health care and provided a student rotation at the rural Rutherford County Health Department. I remember that rotation as one of my most interesting and pleasant experiences... [read story]

Beth Winchester Isaacs :: Class of 1947
I decided in high school that I wanted to go into nursing and started checking into this profession and a list of nursing schools. One of those schools was Vanderbilt University, the mad father’s alma mater. To appease my mother... [read story]

Martha Jenkins King :: Class of 1947
In 1939, the Taylor Family came into my life. Jimmie was five years old and Garie was three years old, and they were our new neighbors... [read story]

Iola McClellan Manoogian :: 1947
My Thanks to Vanderbilt School of Nursing. I was a senior in college and looking for a nursing school which would give me my basic training and offer me a degree in Nursing. Vanderbilt was at the head of the list .... [read story]

Margaret Fort Meggs :: BSN 1947
My brother was a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Located in Nashville, Vanderbilt was close to my home in Clarksville, Tenn., and travel from Clarksville to Nashville was available to me... [read story]

Ada Trice Smith :: Class of 1947
The calendar said January 1, 1945. The clock said 8 am. My heart said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” But I was packed, fed, dressed and ready to go. Changing my mind was not an alternative... [read story]



Martha Larsen :: Class of 1948
... I returned to West TN to work in Public Health Nursing combined with home delivery service. I enjoyed traveling throughtout the rural areas helping deliver babies. I then joined the Army Nurse Corps as a 2nd Lt. attached to the Army Air Force. ... [read story]

Nadine Branson Turner :: Class of 1948
Our country was at war. I joined the army nurse corp and served in the states and overseas. While I was serving overseas I made a decision to select a university where I could earn my bachelors degree in nursing... [read story]


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