Our Stories: 2000s


Whitney Simmons :: Class of 2003
In order to establish good bedside manner, nursing students first have to practice with mannequins in the skills lab. I’m easily tickled and... [read story]

Melissa A. Laughrey, Capt, USAF, NC
I work at a small base that has a primary care clinic with three family practice physicians, three flight medicine physicians and one pediatrician.  I primarily work as an registered nurse for the family practice/peds doctors.... [read story]

Heather Hall Newman :: VUSN Public Relations Officer
When I came to the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in 2003, as Public Relations Officer, they had not had someone assigned to cover news and events out of the school before ... [read story]


Terri (McLeroy) Hartman :: Class of 2004
I started on my MSN with the class of 2003.  I ended up having to go part time instead of full time because of personal issues. During the summer semester of 2003 my husband died after a five week... [read story]


Kathy Rivers :: VUSN Information Officer
I will never forget the day that I had the honor of informing Dean Colleen Conway-Welch about how the School catapulted several spots to reach the Top 20 U.S. News and World Reports' 2007 Ranking ... [read story]

Sara Brumbeloe, MSN :: Class of 2007
I think one of the funniest episodes during my year at Vanderbilt occurred at the beginning of the second semester. Leslie was handing out clinical assignments ... [read story]

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