New Student Requirements

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Upon acceptance, all entering students [PhD, DNP, PreSpecialty, MSN & Post-Masters] must complete a background check through Certified Background using the code provided below. Enrollment is contingent upon satisfactory evaluation of the results of the background check. Students accepted to a PreSpecialty, MSN or Post Master’s Certificate program are required to complete the new student immunization/certification requirements outlined below through the Immunization Tracker (initiated by proper code below). PhD and DNP students should keep the following documentation on-hand and may be asked to complete the Immunization Tracker depending upon the setting of their practica or research. Special Students, who are only enrolled in one course and are not seeking a degree from the School of Nursing, are not required to complete a background check or the new student requirements unless they apply and are admitted to VUSN.

Please note: If you fail to provide documentation of requirements, you will not be granted access to a healthcare facility for practica or research and will not be able to register for additional courses.


  1. Background check and submitting requirements:

    a. Go to (Do not complete background check more than 3 months prior to orientation.)

    b. In the Package Code box:
    PreSpecialty, MSN and Post Master’s Certificate students enter package code: VA14bgt

    PhD & DNP students enter package code: VA14bc

    c. Enter your payment information – Visa, MasterCard (credit or debit), or money order mailed to Certified Background (NOTE: there is a processing fee for this service). Follow the online instructions to complete your order.

    PreSpecialty, MSN & Post Master’s Certificate students will be directed to the Student Tracker website upon completion of their background check to provide required documentation (listed below). Options are to email, scan, fax or mail all required documentation (information provided on website). Be sure your documentation dates are clearly visible in the Tracker.  All documentation should be submitted prior to orientation.
  2. Physical exam within six months of acceptance to the program, authenticated by an MD or NP, documenting evidence of good physical and mental health. Use the Health Questionnaire form.
  3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella: two (2) MMR vaccines OR lab evidence of immunity (positive titers) for Measles (Rubeola), Mumps and Rubella.
  4. Varicella: two varicella vaccines given 28 days apart OR lab evidence of varicella immunity (positive titer).
  5. Hepatitis B: proof of immunity (positive surface antibodies 10 or greater). Students who have not completed the 3-part series OR those who decline to receive the immunization must sign the Hepatitis B Waiver.
  6. Tetanus -Diphtheria - Pertussis (Tdap): documentation of vaccination within last ten years.
  7. Initial two-step tuberculin skin test (injections placed 1-3 weeks apart).
    - If both readings are negative, repeat 1 step TB annually.

    - If positive, medical evaluation and documentation of a clear chest x-ray within 1 year of admission to VUSN and annual completion of the Annual Past-Positive TB Screening Form confirming the absence of symptoms by a MD or NP. If there is evidence of a positive chest x-ray and/or symptoms of TB, please follow-up for medical evaluation.
  8. Influenza: 1 dose of TIV (trivalent) or LAIV (live attenuated) annual vaccination (highly recommended) OR sign waiver to decline seasonal flu vaccine. Please note - many clinical agencies are requiring evidence of annual vaccination or the wearing of a mask during flu season.
  9. Current health insurance coverage either through the university insurance plan or by another policy. For more information on the student health insurance visit: Health Insurance is required of all students by Vanderbilt University. Clinical sites also require that you have health insurance to cover any illness or injury that you may incur during your clinical training experience.
  10. Current CPR certification for adult, child, and infant (Vanderbilt accepts only American Heart Association (AHA) BLS for the Healthcare Provider cards.) See attached for CPR Training Information. Additional CPR certifications may be required by specialty.
  11. Copy of an unencumbered Registered Nurse’s license in the state(s) where you will be doing clinical training, practica, or research. In addition, DNP students must have Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) designation in their home state or equivalent and national board certification in their area of specialty as appropriate.
  12. HIPAA & OSHA Safety Training: This is required annual training. Additional training may be required for particular sites. Instructions for accessing and completing the training will be emailed to your Vanderbilt account in mid-August.

Due to certain restrictions, VUSN is not able to accommodate clinical placements in all locations. Please check with the placement office.

Students should be aware that some clinical sites may require additional immunizations and/or blood titers, drug screening, or additional criminal background checks. The immunizations and titers can be done at Student Health once enrolled. If you plan to use Student Health please call to schedule an appointment at (615) 322-2427; take a copy of your health questionnaire and any required documentation with you. Students will be responsible for all charges incurred in order to meet clinical site requirements.


Information for PhD & DNP students:

This is not an exhaustive list of requirements for your program. Additional requirements and deadlines that require your attention are located at:

PhD Program:

DNP Program: