Academic Enhancement Services


At Vanderbilt University School of Nursing we are committed to our students' success in their chosen program of studies. In order to maximize student success the school provides a faculty person, Director of Academic Enhancement, to facilitate student identification and management of their academic difficulties.

The goals of the Director of Academic Enhancement are to:


  • Help students identify academic problems or difficulties
  • Propose strategies to facilitate students dealing with those difficulties
  • Encourage students to evaluate the effectiveness of their chosen strategies
  • Refer students to other appropriate student services available on campus.

To make an appointment with Dr. Jana Lauderdale or Dr. Rolanda Johnson, please contact them using the contact information in the right-hand sidebar.

If you are unsure whether you need help, stop and do a quick self-assessment in the following areas:


For individual academic counseling appointments, please contact: Dr. Jana Lauderdale, Academic Enhancement Director or Dr. Rolanda Johnson at