Healthcare Leadership

Message from the Specialty DirectorDr Bonnie Pilon

The need for more sophisticated health care management to respond to the clinical, organizational, and fiscal challenges faced by America's evolving health care industry is an absolute priority. Today's health care managers and executives require not only clinical experience and strong communication skills, but also business acumen and knowledge of financial and personnel management, organizational theory and negotiation. In order to prepare health care professionals to become effective and knowledgeable health care managers and executives, additional educational preparation is essential. Vanderbilt University's School of Nursing has taken on this challenge by providing its highly ranked Healthcare Leadership in Nursing degree specialty in an e-Learning environment.

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing: A leader in producing top nursing executives in the health care field.


As changes in health care delivery accelerate, our master's degree program not only prepares nurses at the graduate level to manage health care services across multiple settings and specialty areas, but also prepares them to face the challenge of an ever-changing health care environment. The curriculum provides a series of integrated learning experiences that focus on the development of individuals with keen analytic skills, who are capable of leadership and innovation in a dynamic health care system. Stressing professional and personal integrity, commitment and achievement, this highly interactive specialty engages and challenges learners to understand current health care system problems, to anticipate and manage change, and to evaluate new evidence and emerging techniques that enhance management performance.

Build on your existing experience and advance your career.


Vanderbilt's online Healthcare Leadership degree specialty builds on your career goals and professional background, with a focus on better preparing BSN graduates for career advancement within health care management. Earning the MSN degree can lead to a variety of opportunities for managerial and supervisory roles within a health care delivery organization or system. You will be prepared to become a nursing leader in a health care facility, community agency, government agency or other related industry, manage an inter-professional team and make budgetary and organizational decisions at an executive level. E-Learning allows you to learn, apply and advance while you continue working. Vanderbilt University School of Nursing's Health Systems Management online specialty allows you to realize career-advancing opportunities, and to apply learned skills immediately, while you continue working as a nursing professional. Affordable and immediately accessible from your home or place of work, you can earn a Healthcare Leadership in Nursing degree in one year of full-time study (three semesters) or two years of part-time study (five semesters). You will also be able to matriculate directly into the Doctor of Nursing Practice program – full or part-time – after completing the MSN degree if you meet certain academic requirements. You do not have to reapply.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you as you pursue and achieve your educational goals.

Kelly Wolgast