Study Abroad

Danielle Dittrich, 2009 Frist Global Health Leader

Want to study abroad and reach broader understanding of global health care needs?

In addition to our extensive area faculty-practice network and distributed learning opportunities to work with preceptors across the United States, Vanderbilt School of Nursing also provides programs that offer international study. We have advanced practice nursing relationships with schools in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and Japan, and Vanderbilt is looking to create opportunities in Kenya, Australia and other countries. These links with schools outside the United States provide the opportunities for students to see what health care is like in far-reaching locations.


By working with national and international organizations, Vanderbilt School of Nursing can provide further opportunities for students. Our activities include relationships and work with the Pan American Health Organization, the International Nursing Coalition for Mass Casualty Education, and the National Center for Emergency Preparedness, and a five-member European university consortium which offers a masters degree in disaster medicine.