Admitted MSN and Post Master's Students 2015

We commend you on being selected for admission to the School of Nursing and are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to the 2015 class.

1. Checklist for Admitted Students



2. Calendar and Schedules


3. Housing & Nashville Information Added 4/1/15


For those of you who live outside of the Nashville area and will be relocating or visiting the area as a distance student, please see resources below for helpful information.

Housing Accommodations

Please exercise good judgment when using an outside source such as Craigslist, Tennessean, etc. Although the Vanderbilt Office of Housing & Residential Off-Campus Service is not endorsed or verified by the university, it is password protected.

To learn more about the safety of the area you may be renting in, check out the Nashville Police website -


Our Hometown - Nashville, TN
Residential Communities

Nashville boasts a variety of neighborhoods from downtown apartments to multifamily units in the suburbs to every kind of apartment community or single-family residential home. There are several distinct areas of the city listed below. For more information about these & other Nashville communities visit the following sites: or

  • Hillsboro, West End

    For certain Nashvillians, this part of town is the center of the known universe. In this relatively tiny slice of Nashville, you can find a big-time university called Vanderbilt, an internationally known music center called Music Row, some intriguing businesses and a bunch of very nice, if sometimes very expensive, places to live. Residents and visitors like it for its history - from the Fugitives at Vanderbilt to Elvis on Music Row - hipness and homes. The area is bounded by busy West End Avenue, Franklin Road on the east and the noisy 440 Parkway on the south. At the heart of it is trendy Hillsboro Village, once a more mainstream retail area and now a night-life and restaurant mecca for Vanderbilt types, musicians, songwriters and the occasional gang of tourists who have heard that Garth Brooks likes to eat breakfast at the Pancake Pantry.


  • Green Hills, Forest Hills
    So you want to shop until you drop, take a break for a quick bite to eat or a sit-down dinner and still be within a shopping bag’s throw of home? The Green Hills/Forest Hills neighborhood may be just the place for you to build, buy or rent a new home. Anchored by the sprawling regional Mall at Green Hills, the neighborhood has easy access to Hillsboro Pike, which generates much of the Nashville’s north-south traffic. Green Hills is one of Nashville’s most lived-in and visited areas. It has 21 churches, 14 schools and nearby police and fire protection, as well as more than one million square feet of shopping, movie theaters and a wide variety of restaurants.  Plus, if you want an afternoon in the park, you’re just a jog or picnic basket away from the Edwin and Percy Warner parks and a secluded secret of Nashville – Radnor Lake.

  • The Gulch
    Located at the edge of the Central Business District and within minutes of West End Avenue, Music Row and Hillsboro Village, The Gulch is poised to become a thriving business community and offers loft offices, upscale office space and spacious studios. Loft apartments, studios and condominiums make up the residential component of The Gulch. This area is also home to some of Nashville’s newest — and most popular — restaurants and bars.


  • Sylvan Park, Charlotte Park, West Nashville
    Sylvan Park offers a beautiful setting with a funky edge. Here, solid, 1920s clapboard homes and the architectural flourishes on stone bungalows from the ’30s and ’40s look right at home together. The Produce Place is the best spot this side of Farmer’s Market to get fresh, mouth-watering fruit and vegetables.

  • East Nashville
    Over the river & past LP Field, you could get happily lost among the beautifully restored homes in Historic Edgefield, but be sure to stop on Woodland Street and recharge at Five Points, a lively hub of bistros, coffeehouses, boutiques and neighborhood stores. Highlights: Margot Café & Bar, Marché Artisan Foods, Bongo Java Roasting Co. & East Café, Turnip Truck organic grocery store.

  • 12South
    Lined with galleries, sweet shops and other mom and pop stores, the 10 blocks that run from Linden Avenue to Sevier Park bisect one of the hippest up-and-coming neighborhoods in Nashville. Highlights: Katy K's Ranch Dressing, a chic boutique with designer Western wear and vintage clothing, Watermark Restaurant, Mafiaoza’s Pizzeria.

  • Germantown
    Two of Nashville's historic neighborhoods are bringing people closer to town to live and play. Germantown, so named because of the influx of German immigrants in the mid-19th century, is being restored to its original grandeur. A slate of new residential developments, restaurants and businesses has helped make Germantown a desirable location for urban pioneers to live, work, eat and play. Nashville’s Farmers’ Market is within easy walking distance of Germantown.


  • Bellevue
    Bellevue, perched on the southwestern tip of Davidson County, allows newcomers to keep one foot in the city life and the other in the country. With its plethora of apartments and abundance of single-family homes within 30 minutes of downtown (depending on traffic), commuters can feel like they live in the country and still have the hustle and bustle of downtown. Bellevue also can be like your hometown – small enough to get around in easily, but large enough to offer the shopping, dining and entertainment you seek. Nestled around the regional Bellevue Center shopping complex are numerous fast food outlets and restaurant chains, dozens of churches, 12 schools, two movie theaters with multiple screens and a unique community park. Nearby police and fire protection service the community, this has two major interchanges for Interstate 40 access.


4. Background Check - Deadline December 1st 


Upon acceptance, all full and part-time students must complete a background check through Certified Background using the code provided below. Enrollment is contingent upon satisfactory evaluation of the results of the background check. Special Students, who are only enrolled in one course and are not seeking a degree from the School of Nursing, are not required to complete a background check or the new student requirements unless they apply and are admitted to VUSN. 


  • Student Background check and submitting requirements: 

    a. Go to (Should not be completed more than 3 months prior to student orientation.)

    b. Enter package code: VA14bgt

    c. Enter payment information – Visa, MasterCard (credit or debit), or money order mailed to Certified Background 
    (NOTE: there is a processing fee for  money orders). The student should follow online instructions to complete the order. 

Disclosure of offenses post-background check completion:  Admitted VUSN students (includes full & part-time students) are required to report any arrest, criminal charge or conviction occurring after his or her background check has been completed.  Required disclosure also includes but is not limited to; allegations, investigations and/or disciplinary action from any licensing board or agency included under the Nationwide Healthcare Fraud and Abuse scan; Office of Inspector General (OIG), General Services Administration (GSA), FDA Debarment Check, Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA), Office of Research Integrity (ORI), and Medicare and Medicaid Sanctions. 


5. Medical and Other Required Information - Deadline December 1st



6. Activate Your VUnetID - Available after Nov 5th


Your Vanderbilt User Account (your VUnetID) will be used to access student services, including class registration, access to academic information, and Vanderbilt email. You need to complete the Vanderbilt User Account (VUnetID) registration process to obtain your email address. The University Registrar will begin the process by sending a message to your personal email account about ten days following payment of your matriculation fee [NOTE: For fall new students, the account activation process may not begin until mid-February or early March]. If you do not receive a message from the University Registrar about the VUnetID process and you are not currently a student or an employee of Vanderbilt, please contact Jerry Murley ( If you are a current Vanderbilt student or employee, your current VUNet ID and password will remain the same and you do not need to take any action.


7. Tuition & Financial Aid

MSN Tuition and Fees



8. Technology Requirements & Support

Additional technology requirements and support information will be posted soon.


9. Academic Program Orientation and Textbook Information (VUNet ID Required) Added 5/15/15

Below you will find links to each of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing’s MSN programs. These links are designed to give you all the information you will need to begin your education at VUSN. If you have any questions about your program, please contact your Program Director.



10. Orientation to Blackboard Added 7/7/15

Blackboard OrientationWe have created a small course to give you experience using Blackboard before you arrive on campus. Most of your courses will use Blackboard to deliver a course syllabus, media links, handouts and other learning materials.
VUNet ID required.




11. Student ID Information Added 7/15/15



12. Required Training Modules Added 7/28/15


  • Protection of Minors 101 - Completion is required and tracked by the University. Log In using your VUNET ID and password and keyword search “Find a Course” for the training (Protection of Minors 101). After locating "Protection of Minors 101," click "enroll," "launch," and complete the module.
  • VU Haven – Understanding Sexual Assault (an e-mail with link to the training will be sent from the University Dean of Students office to your Vanderbilt e-mail account the week of August 3. Completion is required and tracked by the University.

    Access Instructions: 1) Go to 2) Log in with your VUnetID and Password 3) Click the Haven link. If you experience any difficulty completing Haven, please contact:
  • Campus Safety for Students 2015 (this link will come in the same email as the VU Haven training) Completion is required and tracked by the University. Access Instructions: 1) Go to
    2) Log in with your VUnetID and Password 3) Click on My Courses 4) Click on the Campus Safety link. If you experience any difficulty completing Campus Safety, please contact:
  • HIPAA/OSHA training. You will receive an email from Lisa Boyer about this training once you have initiated your Criminal Background check. Certificate of completion of the training should be uploaded to your Certified Profile.
  • Plagiarism Tutorial - Print certificate and bring to New Student Orientation.


13. Parking Information