Amy R. Lamb
July 2014
Clinical Research


Depression and Vitamin D in Pregnancy 

Bethany A. Rhoten
August 2013
Clinical Research


Body Image, Disfigurement, Depressive Symptoms, and Neck-Related Functional Status in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer 

Alice C. Bernet
June 2013
Health Services Research


Caring for Veterans After a Suicide Attempt: A Description of Behavioral Health Treatment Delivery

Richard A. Benoit
March 2013
Health Services Research


Risk Factors for Pressure Ulcer Development in Critically Ill Patients

James S. Barnett
August 2012
Health Services Research


A Description of U.S. Post-Graduation Nurse Residency Programs and Patient Outcomes They May Affect 

Joshua P. Squiers
August 2012
Clinical Research

  Energy Expenditure and Substrate Utilization in Obese Individuals with Heart Failure

Liz McDowell
March 2012


Analysis of Written Emotional Disclosure and Control Group Essay Organization in Breast Cancer Survivors with Stage II Lymphedema

Steve Brian Widmar
March 2012
Health Services Research


Satisfaction with Patient-Centered Care and Self-Care Education in Left Ventricular Assist Device Patients

Cathy A. Maxwell
March 2012
Health Services Research


Administratively-Mediated Variables and Outcomes of Hospitalized Injured Older Adults

Catherine H. Ivory
November 2011
Health Services Research


Standardizing Failure to Rescue Elements in Perinatal Nursing Documentation

Carrie M. Carretta
November 2011
Clinical Research


Rape Trauma: A Study of Preferred Rape Disclosure Methods and Factors Influencing Psychological Outcomes in Rape Victims

Benjamin Smallheer
February 2011
  Learned Helplessness and Depressive Symptoms in Patients Following Acute Myocardial Infarction
Cynthia Waller
February 2011
  Understanding the Relationship Between Gender, Previous Cardiac Event and Pre-hospital Delay Behavior in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Linda W. Fisher
November 2010
Health Services Research
  The Influence of Organizational and Personal Factors on U.S. Army Nurse Corps Officers' Intent to Leave the Army
Jie Deng
July 2010
Clinical Research
  The Impact of Secondary Lymphedema After Head and Neck Cancer Treatment on Symptoms, Functional Status and Quality of Life
Cara S. Calloway
March 2010
Clinical Research
  Cognitive Vulnerabilities, Negative Life Events and Depressive Symptoms in Young Adolescents
Donna M. Kenerson
March 2010
  Use of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Assess Prostate Cancer Screening Intent Among African American Men
Panarut Wisawatapnimit
March 2009
  Assessment of Family Quality of Life Among Families with a Member who has Cancer
Rachel A. Kinder
November 2008
  Development and Validation of the Student Activation Measure
Catherine E. Reisenberg
June 2008
  The Development of the Illness Knowledge Questionnaire
for Preschoolers

Elisabeth D. Howard
April 2008
  Women’s Decisional Conflict, Anxiety, and Coping Strategies
Following Diagnosis of Fetal Abnormality

Terrah L. Foster
March 2008
  A Mixed Method Study of Continuing Bonds:
Maintaining Connections after the Death of a Child

Dawn M. Garrett
March 2008
  Parental Perceptions of Body Weight in Toddlers
and Preschool Children

Haley M. Hoy
March 2008
  Comorbidities and Health-Related Quality of Life After
Lung Transplantation

Sharon M. Karp
March 2008
  The Effects of Maternal Psychosocial Factors on Maternal Competence for Infant Feeding
Cynthia A. O'Neal
March 2007
  The Development of the Normalization Assessment Measures

Jo Anne P. Davis
March 2007
  Midwives and Normalcy, Experience and Meaning: A Hermeneutical-Phenomenological Study of Midwives' Concept of Normalcy in Childbirth
Karen E. Caines
December 2006
  Girls Who Swim: An Ethnographic Exploration of Sociocultural Protective Factors Buffering Excessive Weight Concerns in Early Adolescent Girls
Hongxia Liu
March 2006
  Coping and Health-related Quality of Life in Renal
Transplant Patients

Laura C. Hein
March 2006
  Survival Among Male Homeless Adolescents
Elizabeth R. Moore
November 2004
  Randomized Controlled Trial of Early Mother-Infant Skin-to-Skin Contact and Breastfeeding Success
Thomas L. Christenbery
March 2004
  Dyspnea Mental Representations as Determinants of Coping Interventions and Appraisal for Individuals with COPD
Lois J. Wagner
March 2004
  Moderating Effects of Cognitive Adaptability on Expressive Writing Outcomes Among Persons Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Mary-Beth Coty
December 2003
  Multiple Roles, Role Stress, and Role Strain in Healthy and Chronically Ill Women
Jo-Ann Kamencik
December 2003
  Significance of a Transformational Leadership Style in Practice Environments: Perceptions of Nurse Executives and Mid-Level Nurse Managers
Sheila H. Ridner
December 2003
  Symptom Clusters Occuring with Lymphedema after Breast Cancer
Linda P. Riley
November 2003
  Factors Associated with Parental Transition Outcomes
Michael W. Vollman
March 2003
  Personal and Situational Factors Influencing Coping and Depression in Adults with Heart Failure
Sarah C. Fogel
September 2001
  Predictors of Disclosure of Sexual Identity to Health Care Providers
Sharon W. Dowdy
March 1999
  Synchronous Support Congruent Coping, or a Good Marriage:  Which is more important in reduction of the pain by spouses with rheumatoid arthritis?
Donna L. Blackburn
September 1998
  Mothers And Adolescents: A Dyadic Perspective on Family Functioning with Maternal Chronic Illness
Rolanda L. Johnson
March 1998
  The Differences Within: The Relationships Between Racial Identity, Sociodemographic Factors, Health Beliefs, and Health-Promoting Behaviors in African Americans
Kuei-Ru Chou
March 1997
  Testing A Theoretical Model of Caregiver Burden In A Chinese Population. May 1997

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