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Bonita Ann Pilon
210 Godchaux Hall
461 21st Avenue
Nashville, TN 37240
Phone: 615-322-4340

Faculty Sketch

Bonita Ann Pilon, DSN, RN, BC, FAAN

Senior Associate Dean for Practice
Professor of Nursing, Health Systems Management

DSN/1988University of Alabama - Birmingham
MN/1975University of Florida - Gainesville
BSN/1972Barry College, Miami, FL


1988-present Nursing Administration, Advanced - American Nurses' Association

1998-present Certified Case Management Administrator - The Center for Case Management, Inc.

Area of Doctoral Study:

Nursing Administration

Professional Activity:

1998-2005 National Certification Board for Case Management Administrators (founding member)

2003-2005 Chair, National Certification Board for Case Management Administrators

2002-2004 Chair-elect, National Nursing Centers Consortium

2004-2006 Chair, National Nursing Centers Consortium

Sample Publications:   (BACK)

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