Faculty Sketch

Michele H. Salisbury, PhD, RNC

Assistant Professor,
PhD in Nursing Science Program;
Women's Health Practitioner



Current Research Interests

  • Women's health
  • Cognitive-behavioral interventions in adolescent surgery patients


Current Research/Scholarly Projects

1997 Coping/Attention Interventions and Child Surgery Outcomes. Project Director.


Representative Publications

LaMontagne, L., Hepworth, J., Salisbury, M., & Cohen, F. (in press). Adolescent scoliosis: Effects of corrective surgery, cognitive-behavioral interventions and age on activity outcomes. Applied Nursing Research.

LaMontagne, L., Hepworth, J.T., Cohen, F., & Salisbury, M.H. (2004). Adolescents' coping with surgery or scoliosis: Effects on recovery outcomes over time. Research in Nursing and Health, 27(4), 237-53.

LaMontagne, L., Hepworth, J., & F Cohen. (2003). Effects of coping instruction in reducing young adolescents' pain after major spinal surgery. Orthopaedic Nursing Journal, 22(6), 398-403.

LaMontagne, L., Hepworth, J., & Salisbury, M. (2003). Cognitive-behavioral intervention effects on adolescents' anxiety and pain following spinal fusion surgery. Nursing Research, 52, 182-190.

LaMontagne, L., Hepworth, J., Salisbury, M., & Riley, L. (2003). Optimism, anxiety, and coping in parents of children hospitalized for spinal surgery. Applied Nursing Research, 16(4).

LaMontagne, L. L., Hepworth, J. T., & Salisbury, M. H. (2001). Anxiety and postoperative pain in children who undergo major orthopaedic surgery. Applied Nursing Research, 14, 119-224.