Faculty Sketch

Jennifer Wilbeck, DNP, APRN-BC, CEN

Associate Professor of Nursing
Coordinator, Emergency Nurse Practitioner Program


Current Scholarly & Clinical Interests

Dr.  Jennifer Wilbeck is dually certified as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and has led the Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) Program at Vanderbilt since its inception in 2006.  In addition to her leadership within the ENP program, Dr. Wilbeck  remains actively involved in coordinating courses in the ACNP Program and is a frequent guest lecturer in the pre-specialty nursing courses as well.  Her scholarly interests include the role of simulations in education of advanced practice nurses, assessment and documentation of ongoing procedural competence of the ACNP and case-based learning. Clinically, she has over thirteen years experience as an NP in both rural and urban Emergency Department settings.  Her current practice as an ENP provides the clinical backdrop for ongoing clinical publications and presentations.


Representative Publications

Gresham, C. & Wilbeck, J. (2012). Toxicology in the Emergency Department: A review for the advanced practice nurse.  Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, 34, 43-54.


Wilbeck, J., Thomson-Smith, C., Murphy, M., & Heath, J. (2011). Evaluation Methods for the Assessment of Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Inserted Central Lines:  Evidence-Based Strategies for Practice. The Journal of the Association for Vascular Access, 16(4), 222-229.


Schorn, M. & Wilbeck, J. (2009).  Unexpected Birth in the Emergency Department: The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse.  Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, 31(2), 170-177.


Wilbeck, J. & Fischer, M. (2009).  Noninvasive Ventilation in Emergency Care.  Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, 31(2), 161-169.


Wilbeck, J. (2009).  How Often do Patients need Tetanus Prophylaxis? Clinical Queries, Nursing 2008, 39(1), 24.


Wilbeck, J., Schorn, M., Daley, E. (2008). Pharmacological Management of Acute Pain in Breastfeeding Women.  Journal of Emergency Nursing, 34 (4), 340-4.


Representative Presentations

Wilbeck, J. & Donaldson, T. (October 22, 2011). Application of Case-Based Learning to an
Asynchronous Graduate Health Assessment Course. 38th Annual Conference on Professional Nursing Education & Development, Baltimore, MD.


King, J. & Wilbeck, J. (June 15, 2006). Assessing Distance ACNP Student Competencies Using Clinical Simulations. 11th Biennial North American Learning Resource Centers Conference, Nursing Education on the Move. Philadelphia, PA.


Wilbeck, J., Heath, J., Cromer, P., & Derrick, C.  (January 22, 2011). The Evidence for Assessing ACNP
Procedural Competence:  Evidence-Based Template Utilization. Georgia Nurses Association Annual Evidence Based Conference. Augusta, GA


Wilbeck, J. & Donaldson, T. (January 23, 2010). The Evidence for Application of Case-Based Learning
to an Asynchronous Graduate Health Assessment Course.  Georgia Nurses Association 1st Annual Evidence Based Conference. Augusta, GA.