Browser Recommendations

OAK: Browser Requirements Check

The new Blackboard browser checker will let you know if your browser is ready to work with the main features of OAK. It checks the OS/browser combination and looks for the most commonly used plug-ins.

The following link will check your browser and common plug-ins. The process can take approximately 15-20 seconds to complete. Check my browser!


* You will see a question mark with the word “unknown” under browser check if you are running the 64-bit version of the browser


OAK Settings

  » Download the Browser Compatibility Matrix
  » Download the Browser Settings Guide



Installation Using a Manual Download

Go to to download Firefox. Then install it from the downloaded file.

Once you have installed and launched Firefox, you will need to re-install some player plug-ins. Flash, QuickTime, and Real player plug-in installation may be required:

MAC Users

(ALERT: Mac users with an old version of Firefox must update before taking tests on Blackboard.)

» How to install video (Shows the typical drag and drop of new software into the Applications folder.)

After installing Firefox, you can change the settings on Firefox to automatically update by going to: Firefox>Preferences>Advanced>Update. (Make sure to select: "Ask me what I want to do")



You will need to apply the updates by going to: Firefox>About>Apply Update.



Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser that takes just minutes to install. It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers (see detailed system requirements). Click here for a walk through the installation process.


Internet Explorer 8

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer OAK Problems

If you are accessing external files on VU Bb and don’t see any content, you must restart or refresh the browser and answer "no" when the security prompt appears.


Internet Explorer Prompt