Flash Video – Security Warnings

You may encounter a video loading problem with the Flash video plugin depending on your browser.  This is due to the video player pulling data from multiple servers.  Your browser may consider this a “security risk” and initially block the video from loading.  Since all data is coming from Vanderbilt servers, it is perfectly fine to load the video, and most browsers offer an alternate way of loading the video.  Check for your browser below – if you do not see your browser listed and are having problems, switch to one of the listed browsers and try again.

Please note:  the instructions here are meant to be used with VUSN videos *ONLY*.  If you receive one of the messages below on a non-Vanderbilt site, you should *NOT* try these bypassing techniques.


Internet Explorer 9/10

In IE9, you will see a box at the bottom of the screen with a button that says “Show All Content”.  Click that button and the page will reload with the requested video.

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you will notice a shield in the address bar at the top of the screen.  Click the shield and a box will appear with a link to “load unsafe script.”  The script is secure – Chrome is alerting you that the video is loading from another server on Vanderbilt’s campus.  Click the “load unsafe script” link and the page will refresh with the video loaded.



Firefox 23+

Only the newest version of Firefox will block content by default – if you are using version 22 or below, you will be able to view flash streams without a bypass technique.


In version 23, you will notice a shield icon next to the left side of the address bar at the top of the screen.  Click the shield and a prompt will appear with a menu at the bottom.  Click the arrow on the right side of the menu to see the available options, and select “Disable Protection on This Page”. The page will reload the video.