Podcast Subscription Help

Using iTunes (or Similar Program) to Download/View Lectures

Note:  This example uses Google Chrome and iTunes version 11.1.5 on Windows 7

  1. From your course’s archived media list, right-click the podcast link at the top of the page.  If your archived media list does not list either an audio or video podcast, that means your course currently does not allow lecture downloads, and you will need to contact your instructor about making lectures download-accessible.



  1. Open iTunes and go to File > Subscribe to Podcast


  1. In the box that appears, right click and select “Paste” to copy the download link into the box.  The resulting string should end with a “.xml” extension.



  1. Once you click OK, the program will immediately attempt to download the most recent media file listed.  Please note – downloadable lecture videos can be very large, and depending on your internet connection, may take some time to complete downloading


Podcast Tips

You can view podcasts you are subscribed to by selecting the Podcasts option from the library menu on the far left of the iTunes window, then clicking the My Podcasts button in the middle of the screen.  After downloading your first lecture, this window should appear automatically.



To view any of your downloaded files directly from iTunes, simply double-click the file from within your podcast list and it will open within the program.

If you are subscribing to a podcast that already has more than one lecture in the list, the program will initially download only the most-recent lecture.  To download older lectures, you can click the down arrow next to the lecture description on the far right of the screen.


You can manually refresh your podcast lists by clicking the refresh arrow on the left side of the screen.


To change settings for specific podcasts – which lectures to download, how long to keep the files, etc. – click the gear icon on the far right of the screen to bring up the podcast options menu.