Web Browser Recommendations for OAK

Because of the recent upgrade of Blackboard, we recommend that all VUSN students use Firefox browser for OAK access.

If you don’t have Firefox, go to http://www.firefox.com to download it. Then install it from the downloaded file. When you first launch Firefox, you will be asked whether you want to make it your default browser. We recommend that you NOT make it your default browser until after you have used it a while and are sure of that decision.

Once you have installed and launched Firefox, you will need to re-install some player plug-ins. Flash, QuickTime, and Real player plug-in installation may be required:


Troubleshooting Internet Explorer OAK Problems

IE8 “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” issue: When VU users are accessing external files on VU Bb (files on Vanderbilt servers that we know are safe) and get this prompt in IE8 (see below), they need to answer “no” not “yes.” Once the prompt is answered incorrectly, the user must restart or refresh the browser and answer differently the next time the prompt appears.


Internet Explorer Prompt