Remote Proctor PRO

Secure proctorUpcoming Changes to Remote Proctor:

  • MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Support ends as of April 8th, 2014 - New current supported versions will include: 10.7.x (Lion), 10.8.x (Mountain Lion), and 10.9.x (Maverick)
  • Windows XP – Support ends as of April 8th, 2014 - New current supported versions will include: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0 & Windows 8.1. Click here for more info.

Remote Proctor PRO from Software Secure Inc. ( is an online exam proctoring technology that enables online and distance learning students to take proctored exams from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office.  The Remote Proctor PRO solution contains a 360-degree web-camera, microphone and fingerprint verification scanner, as well as Securexam Browser software to limit access to electronic information while taking an exam.  These devices identify a student and record video and audio throughout the student's exam which is simultaneously communicated to SSI’s restricted-access secure servers. The video and audio are used for the purpose of ensuring academic integrity during the testing process.  The biometric identity-verification technology is used to better comply with evolving accreditation standards.




Students required to obtain Remote Proctor for on-line testing at VUSN may purchase the device through Vanderbilt Barnes and Noble Bookstore ($233.35) or directly from Software Secure ($175). We recommend that you purchase this device only from one of these two vendors.

BuyBack Program

If you have completely finished using your Remote Proctor device, please return it to the company. Other students cannot use your device without registering it (for a $125 fee); plus, if there is any issue with the device working improperly, the student can get it taken care of with the company directly.

Please do go ahead and return it for the “buy-back.” The company will reimburse you if the hardware is returned in good condition as follows: forty dollars ($40) if returned after one year; thirty dollars ($30) if returned after second year; and, twenty dollars ($20) if returned after the third year.


Minimum System Requirements



  • Operating System – 10.7 (Lion) or higher


Internet Connection

High speed (DSL, Cable or LAN) is required. Dialup, cellular high speed and satellite Internet services are not supported with the Remote Proctor PRO system.


Screen Resolution

The screen resolutions should be a minimum of 1024 x 768.




Updating License & Software


Please follow these simple steps to update your license:

  • For PC (Windows) Users: Launch Securexam Browser by double clicking the Securexam Browser v7 icon on your desktop and select Help>Get   license
  • Browser>Add New License
    o   Username: vanderbilt_browser
    o   Password: browser

The software will then prompt you to close and restart it to accept the changes.

Once you have completed the License Update, please login to take a practice exam. You will then be prompted to update the software as well.

You MUST run the update in order to take exams using Remote Proctor. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully

Please visit the VUSN Remote Proctors Users organization in Bb and try a sample test. Let me know if this doesn’t work.



For MAC users - navigate to Applications/Securexam and click the Securexam Browser icon and select Securexam Browser>Add New License

Username: vanderbilt_browser
Password: browser


(Some Mac OS versions need to uninstall before updating. Mac users to uninstall before re-installing, using the instructions below.)
Mac users should always use Safari to do the updates.

  1. Go to applications folder
  2. Open the “Securexam” folder
  3. Uninstall the software using the uninstall utility
  4. Go to
  5. Click the Mac logo
  6. In the “Pick Your School” drop down, choose Vanderbilt Nursing
  7. Check off “I acknowledge that I will be using this computer to take my exams”
  8. Click View Instructions
  9. Click Download Software
  10. Find 7.5.2 software in download folder
  11. Install 7.5.2 software

By default, Mac OS 10.8 only allows users to install applications from 'verified sources.' In effect, this means that users are unable to install most applications downloaded from the internet or stored on physical media


Follow the directions below to prevent this issue from appearing:


Troubleshooting Tips

Problem: Both MAC and Microsoft will be ending support for one of their Operating Systems, therefore, Software Secure will no longer be supporting them.

This change will take place in 2 phases:


  • Phase I:
    Beginning Monday February 17th, 2014, users running XP and Snow Leopard will be allowed to continue to use our products until Phase II, but they will *not* be able to get help from our support team. They will be instructed to either update their Operating System or use another computer
  • Phase II:
    Beginning Tuesday April 8th, 2014, users running XP and Snow Leopard will be prevented from downloading, installing or using products. If they go to our install pages, we’ll detect that they are using XP or Snow Leopard and alert them that their Operating System is no longer supported and they’ll be instructed to either update their Operating System or use another computer. If they somehow get the software by other means, it will not allow them to install it on XP or Snow Leopard and they will get the same message that their Operating System is no longer supported and they’ll be instructed to either update their Operating System or use another computer.


Problem: Remote Proctor suddenly will not initialize after having worked well previously.


We have determined that there may be a problem involving an interaction with the Lync software or some other active communication software function. Log out of ALL communication software before launching Remote Proctor to take an exam. This includes Skype and Scopia and cloud services. The problem may be due to contention for a video function or a required security level that Remote Proctor is unable to resolve.


We have created a Tech Tool that shows how to log out of Lync in Windows.


Problem: MAC OSX users are not being able to view full results from exams (assuming faculty have enabled that feature) .


The OK button for viewing results is hidden by the dock (screenshot) .


Problem: MAC OSX users while installing Remote Proctor are being prompted to disable a trackpad function and they have no trackpad (screenshot) .


Download the newest software update for Mac 7.6.2+ and install it over the old installation, that prompt will no longer display or prevent a user from proceeding.


Technical Support