Remote Proctor

Remote Proctor from Software Secure Inc. ( is an online exam proctoring technology that enables online and distance learning students to take proctored exams from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office.  The process identifies a student and records video and audio and screen capture throughout the student's exam, which is simultaneously communicated to SSI’s restricted-access secure servers. The video,audio, and screen capture are used for the purpose of ensuring academic integrity during the testing process. The purpose of this technology is to better comply with evolving accreditation standards.



Remote Proctor NOW:  Fall 2015: RPNOW is the only option for VUSN students.

Remote Proctor NOW is the newest line of remote proctoring products from Software Secure. It is designed to be used with your existing computer and webcam, allowing you to take exams anytime and anywhere. Using RP Now, you can be in your exam in less than five minutes. There’s no extra hardware or software to install. You’ll use a simple browser based application to take your exams with ease from the comfort of your home


  • Low cost of $170 for your lifetime software license, you can pay with credit/debit card or PayPal
  • You only need a standard webcam (built-in to your computer, or plugged into a USB port).
  • No hardware to take with you if you’re on the road – and no shipping cost!
  • No additional software to install on your computer
  • Easy & hassle free
  • 24x7x365 tech support, with built-in chat feature to communicate with support technicians

Click here to Purchase Remote Proctor NOW

Remote Proctor PRO:

(Existing PRO users may choose to use the newer NOW product instead and are encouraged to do so. There will be no additional cost to do so and the existing device may be sold back to the company. Click here for information about the buy-back program. If you choose to switch and sell your device back, please let us know so that your no-cost license will continue.)

Remote Proctor PRO is a proprietary hardware device that uses a 360-degree camera with a built-in fingerprint biometric scanner for identity verification. It includes a lock-down browser software application to be installed on the computer you’ll be testing from. You can take your exam from anywhere as long as you have the RP Pro device with you and the up-to-date software installed on the computer.  

BuyBack Program for Remote Proctor Pro

If you have completely finished using your Remote Proctor Pro device, please return it to the company. Other students cannot use an old device.

Please return it for the “buy-back.” The company will reimburse you if the hardware is returned in good condition as follows: forty dollars ($40) if returned after one year; thirty dollars ($30) if returned after a second year; and, twenty dollars ($20) if returned after the third year.


Technical Support


Internet Connection

High speed (DSL, Cable or LAN) is required. Dialup, cellular high speed and satellite Internet services are not supported with the Remote Proctor system.


Screen Resolution

The screen resolutions should be a minimum of 1024 x 768.

Exam Taking