Turning Point



TurningPoint is an audience response system used in connection with PowerPoint to allow polling during classes.





  • Do I need a ResponseCard student clicker or a ResponseWare license?
    Your instructor will inform you of the specific requirements. At this time, all non RN pre-specialty students are required to use a clicker device (you may not use the ResponseWare license).  Here, at the School of Nursing, we use only RF, RF-A (Braille characters), RF LCD, NXT and XR ResponseCard student clickers (an IR ResponseCard clicker will not work).

    • ResponseCard student clicker
      The ResponseCard student clicker is a device used to respond and participate in classes using PowerPoint polling. Supported devices: RF, RF-A (Braille characters), RF LCD, NXT and XR ResponseCard student clickers (an IR ResponseCard clicker will not work)

    • ResponseWare license 

      ResponseWare turns a participant’s computer or mobile device into a virtual ResponseCard. ResponseWare allows students and participants to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection.

              • User options:
                Browser based – Laptops (Mac and PC) (login: http://www.rwpoll.com)
                Android App
                BlackBerry App
                iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App


How do I purchase a ResponseCard student clicker or a ResponseWare license?
To purchase a ResponseCard student clicker or ResponseWare license, visit the Student Store and Registration: http://www.turningtechnologies.com/student       
      1. Click on Student Store  
      2. Enter Js8y as the school code and Submit (this entitles you to discounted pricing). Prices vary depending on the device and/or license duration chosen. You will be contacted by Turning Technologies via email with confirmation and/or license ID number.
        *You may also purchase a new or used ResponseCard student clicker from the Vanderbilt Bookstore, but without the discounted price.


You will need to register your ResponseWare in two locations; with Turning Technologies and in Blackboard/Oak.

  • To register with TurningPoint:
    1. Visit the TurningPoint Student store and Registration page http://webreg.turningtechnologies.com/
    2. Click on Student Web Registration and choose “New” Turning Point and follow the directions:  New

  • To register in BlackBoard/Oak:
    1. Log in to BlackBoard/Oak using your VUNET ID and e-password to access your courses. Choose one of the courses you are enrolled in (your device/license will automatically attach to all of your courses when you register with one).
    2. In the course menu panel on the left, choose “Tools” and then choose “Turning Technologies Registration Tool” from the list and follow the directions:  Turning Technologies Registration Tool


How do I change the channel on my device?

  • NXT, RF, RF LCD or RF-A ResponseCard:
        1. Press and release the “Ch” button
        2. While the light is flashing red and green, enter a 2 digit code (i.e. channel 1=01, channel 21=21)
        3. After the second digit is entered, press and release the “Ch” button
          LED Color Descriptions:
          Red – Response was not received
          Green – Response was received
          Yellow (multiple flash) – in the process of sending
          Yellow (Single flash) – polling not open

    • XR ResponseCard:
        1. Press the “Menu” button
        2. If prompted to “Leave Presentation Mode” press “Yes”
        3. Use the “Yes” button to scroll down to “Change Channel” and press “Enter”
        4. Enter new channel number (must be 2 digits) and press “Enter”
        5. Press “Menu” button twice to return to Presentation Mode


Technical Support

Please contact Turning Technologies at 1.866.746.3015 or support@turningtechnologies.com
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST for any inquiries.


Instructors and Presenters